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01 about the sugar shoppe

Once Upon a Time...

The Sugar Shoppe has been founded on the premise of giving HOPE to those who may have none. Think of all the special occasions that come and go in a year, our mission is to provide gift baskets to those in need to help make these individuals feel a sense of hope. 50% of the homeless population in Massachusetts are women and children. Your small donation enables us to give a gift basket to someone in need, potentially at the right time in their life. ‚Äč

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02 The Goodies & Treats

We carry some of the oldies but goodies and new treats too! So whether it's a sour craving, a gummie craving, a chocolate craving, we have you covered. Send the BEST GIFT packages ever to your friends, family and aquaintenances, that will be remembered for a life time!

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03 What our customers think of the Sugar Shoppe...

Remember all net proceeds of Sugar Shoppe sales go to Make Change for Change, a 501(c)3 tax exempt public charity fighting to Erase Homelessness.

  • This store is awesome!
    The candy and fudge was so good. The service was amazing! The fact they are a non profit organization that helps those in need makes it that much better. This place is a place you just HAVE to go to!

    Amy D.
  • Such a great candy store and for such a great cause!! The woman was so friendly and so knowledgeable about each and every candy. I Highly recommend going there!

    Sue M.
  • Love the hostess gift! Whisk with candy is adorable.

    Jennie B.
  • Fantastic customer service. We were happy to support the charitable business venture. The fudge was amazing!

    John S.
  • This shop is awesome! Brought the kids there today and they had soooooo much fun! Bright, cheery and clean!

    Addison S.
  • Love that you encourage, listen to, & hear customer feedback!! Thank you - it's such an important element in successful businesses (one that many businesses, sadly. don't take seriously enough) !!

    Peter M.
  • I loved all the "old school" candy and the owner is so friendly!!! Also the prices of the candy was so reasonable!! Highly recommended!!

    Mary T.

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