01 about the sugar shoppe

Once Upon a Time...

The Sugar Shoppe is founded on the premise of giving HOPE to those who may have none. Your purchases go towards building the fund for Make Change for Change Corp., a 501(c)3 tax exempt public charity geared towards Erasing Homelessness. The Sugar Shoppe's mission is to provide HOPE through the donation of "sweet gifts" to those in need. Think of all the special occasions that come and go in a year, with 50% of the homeless population in Massachusetts women and children, we strive to help make these individuals feel a sense of hope. Your small donation enables us to accomplish this; giving to someone in need potentially at the right time in their life. ​​

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Fun Fact!

I proudly hold the title
of Mrs. Massachusetts
United States 2011!

02 meet the owner

I am Courtney Nappa, owner of the Sugar Shoppe and wife and mother to 3 beautiful children. I am a graduate of Bentley University and have spent most of my post graduate career as an entreprenuer alongside my husband Corey. Our newest venture is the Sugar Shoppe where we are able to not only focus on our passions of business, our love for candy (especially me!) and expanding our non-profit aimed at helping homeless women and children.

All purchases go towards
helping someone in need,
how SWEET is that?