September 16 2016

Does candy really make you fat?

In a new analysis in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition they collected all studies that looked at the relationship between candy consumption and overweight/obesity, and found 11 such studies, which together included almost 180,000 kids and teens. To their surprise, the meta-analysis found that the more chocolate and candy kids ate, the slimmer they tended to be. The odds of being overweight or obese were 18 percent lower among the most avid consumers of chocolate and candy.


There are some thoughts on this theory…
1. Is it that sweets are quite satiating, and people tend to eat reasonable amounts of them?

2. Is it that Kids who are overweight cut chocolate from their diet, while thin kids allow themselves some candy?

3. Or could it be that overweight kids underreport their chocolate intake…

The fact that sugary drinks and chocolate both contain high levels of sugar, the drink is consistently associated with being obese and overweight. Perhaps liquids are consumed in a manner that requires food to be consumed along side which more than doubles the calorie intake. Perhaps the amounts of sugar one typically gets from soda are much larger, compared to what a typical serving of chocolate would provide. But in any case, the dietary guidelines for Americans suggest limiting sugar to less than 10 percent of calories per day. If chocolate or candy is something in your life you love and makes you happy, EAT it! But in moderation and enjoy it!!!

To stick to moderation, try one of these ways to add a little sweetness to your day without a lot of extra calories:

3 Hershey’s Kisses = 67 calories
1 homemade chocolate chip cookie = 110 calories
1 2-inch homemade brownie square = 112 calories
10 Cherry Twizzler Bites = 83 calories
2 Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups Miniatures = 88 calories
10 Peanut M&M’s = 103 calories
1Tbsp semi sweet chocolate chips= 50 calories